Thank You!

Jon received 87 cards from everyone!

He is incredibly appreciative and was overwhelmed to receive them.

Right now he doesn’t have stamps or paper to write back to folks, but we have the list of those who provided their twitter or mailing info so that he can reach out to you when he gets out.

Thank you so much for such an outpouring of support.

For those who would like to continue writing to Jon, you can send him a letter using the form below (not character limit this time – write as much as you want!).

If you are able to help contribute to Jon’s cause, he could use assistance towards paying for food, phone calls, dog food and other Chazz & prison-related expenses and has a fundrazr page set up here.

There are other hactivists, activists, and whistle-blowers serving time who could use some friendly words as well.  You can find a list of names and their addresses at Mail to the Jail. Right now Matt DeHart is especially in need of support, and has an online form similar to Jon’s so that you can send him a letter here.


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